Mountain Pine Ridge

Is one off the oldest area of Central America; after the plate tectonic moved pushing up the magma, metamorphic change to granite rising from the sea. The mountain exposed to weather it created a series of waterfalls, steams, and rivers. Researchers have found rocks that date 340 million old, the oldest rock of Central America with one of the tallest waterfall over a 1000 ft high. Mountain Pine Ridge was Rio-Firo-Cave one of the first mountains to emerge from the sea a number of waterfalls, creeks, and river was formed create Belize two biggest watershed, The Sibun River and the Macal and Belize River. The area been so big allows us to visit three of the most impressive destination Rio Frio Cave, Rio On Pool, and Big Rock Falls,

Time: 8:00AM to 3:30Pm ( 71/2 hrs)

Things to bring: comfortable clothes for biking, close two footwear, camera, mosquito repellant, sun screen, complete change of clothes

Includes: water, lunch, snack, tour guide & transportation

Departs: our Office -Burns Avenue, San Ignacio town (We offer free hotel pick up within San Ignacio Town)